The Fagaras Mountains--MountainGuide-Sibiu, Romania

The Fagaras Mountains or “The Alps of Transylvania” as Emanuel. de Martonne used to call them, represent the highest and most daring mountain chain in Romania, with its peaks: Moldoveanu Peak (2544 m), Negoiu Peak (2535 m) and Vistea Mare Peak (2527m). The Fagaras mountains have a length of about 70 km and a width of 40 km and cover an area of 3000 km2 .

In the Fagaras Mountains there are 8 of the 14 mountain peaks in Romania that surpass 2500 m. Apart from Moldoveanu, Negoiu and Vistea Mare, some of the other important peaks are: Lespezi (2517 m), Vânatoarea lui Buteanu (2507 m), Hârtopu (2506 m), Caltun (2505 m) and (Dara 2501 m).

The Fagaras Mountains are spread with many glacial lakes. Some of them are located in the northern part: Urlea, Vistisoara, Podragu, Podragel, Bâlea, Doamnei, Avrig; others on the southern one: Lacul Mioarelor, Lacul triughilar (at the foot of the Moldoveanu Peak), Scarisoara, Iezerul Podul Giurgiului, Capra, Caltun.
The longest lake is Balea with 4,65 ha and the deepest is Podragu with 15,5 m depth; the lake located at the highest altitude is  the Mioarelor Lake (2282m).

The weather in the Fagaras Mountains is generally cold with sub-polar influences. In the alpine area the winter is long (it usually lasts 6-7 months), the summer lasts no more than 2 months and a half and the spring and fall are quite short. 
In winter the wind is blowing hard with over 120 km/h. In spring there is Vântul Mare or Mâncatorul de zapada - the wind that melts the snow.

The nebulosity is common in these areas; there are few completely clear sunny days. Generally, at the end of February, the beginning of March and mid- October there are days when no sign of clouds can be noticed on the sky.
It snows and it rains a lot in the Fagaras Mountains, the weather might change from a minute to another, that’s why one should always be prepared for all kinds of weather. 

The flora is rich and diversified organized on different levels. In summer, the alpine zone is dominated by the rich colored flowers like the wild peony, the rhododendron or the edelweiss.
There are many mammals that can be seen here: bears, deer, foxes, wolves, wildcats and of course, the famous wild goat, the wild rooster, the hawk, or the raven. We must be very careful at the vipers – they might be found anywhere hidden behind stones, under shady cliffs.

There are so many reasons to come in Fagaras. Don’t hesitate and join us. Nevertheless, when coming up in the mountains don’t forget :

«Leave behind nothing but the marks of your boots,
Take nothing else than some beautiful pictures,
Change nothing, but yourself!”

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