The Piatra Craiului Mountains--MountainGuide-Sibiu

Piatra Craiului rises above the town of Zărneşti, having the shape of a huge handsaw oriented from West to East and which belongs to the Central Carpathians. The general features which make these mountains so wonderful are given by their lonely summit covered in woods and the diversified landscape; cliffs, pyramids, towers, valleys and natural arcades.

Piatra Craiului is famous for its beautiful flora – the Piatra Craiului garden pink is a unique flower that can be found only here; its name gave birth to many interesting legends…
One of these legends says that, long time ago, there lived at the bottom of these mountains, a ranger together with his family: his wife and two children. The young little blonde boy was called “Soldanella” and his sister of about 5 years old was called “Garden Pink” – she was dark haired and had black glowing eyes.
The ranger was known for his kindness and love for animals. Sometimes, he used to take care of the little abandoned animal babies. One day, a wounded hawk baby fell in their garden. The ranger took him and cured his wounds. The children loved the little bird and they soon became very good friends.
One day, the hawk started to fly again and went up in the sky and then came back again to the children. Soon, the hawk took the two siblings up there in the sky flying over mountains and valleys. One day, during their trip, the poor hawk ate a poisoned piece of meat and died. The two children were so afraid and started crying. As they were trying to find their way back home, they reached a castle in the middle of the forest. They found the good fairy! With their eyes full of tears they kneeled in front of the fairy and asked her to host them overnight.
But the fairy told them that in her crystal castle no humans could enter, the only thing she could do was to transform them into two wonderful flowers: the garden pink and soldanella.

Why should you go on a hiking trip in Piatra Craiului?   
* The Piatra Craiului Massif is a natural park created in 1971, a treasure that must be protected.
* It is formed by the longest and most typycal calcar summit in the Carpathians – 25 km; it also has numerous valleys and the highest summit in the Carpatians.
* There are over 1.300 species of plants here, 150 of them are protected, the most impressive is, of course, the Piatra Craiului Garden Pink.
* Here we can admire amazing natural monuments like: Cheile Dâmbovicioarei,  Prăpăstiile Zărneştiului, Zaplazul, Turnurile Dianei, Cerdacul Stanciului sau Acul Crăpăturii.
* Close to the park, there are two villages Măgura and Peştera, where time seems immortal and  people are so nice and hard working.

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