Explore the Main Ridge of the Fagaras Mountains. Traverse from East to West - 8 Days Tour-MountainGuide-Sibiu

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One mountain! Climb it!
Any mountain lover wishes to discover every year a new mountain area in Europe, climb that peak and enjoy the beauty of the view.
For the summer of 2020 , MountainGuide-Sibiu suggested you an amazing hiking tour in the Fagaras Mountains, the highest part of the Romanian Carpathians, during which we shall explore a little part of the fascinating Carpathian Garden.
What do you say? The Romanian Carpathians can be a destination for this summer??. Discover the Transylvanian Alps – The Fagaras Mountains and choose this hiking tour towards the highest peaks: Moldoveanu - 2544 m, Negoiu Peak - 2535 m and Vistea Mare - 2527 m.


Hiking Tour in the Cindrel Mountains with a lunch break at a sheepfold-MountainGuide-Sibiu, Romania

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Walking on the trails of the Cindrel mountains, you can glance clusters of sheepfolds scattered all over the edges of the massifs; they are skillfully led by shepherds always eager to talk to you, to share a bit of their life stories. The glades covered by colorful flower carpets are a great occasion to have a rest and enjoy the tranquility of the nature.
MountainGuide-Sibiu  suggests you an exciting hiking tour on the mountain trails in the area of Mărginimea Sibiului where we’ll learn more about the so-called “transhumanţă” phenomenon, one of the very well preserved traditions in the Cindrel Mountains